Adventures at Blackberry Farm

We visited Blackberry Farm for our honeymoon in the winter of 2014.  Due to our schedules, we weren’t able to go for a big international trip, so we opted for a southeast treasure nestled at the base of the smoky mountains and it did not disappoint.

Blackberry Farm has always had wonderful reviews from travel magazines and articles like this and this.  And while it definitely comes with a price tag, the experience is unparalleled.  We stayed for four nights, and while many of the water sports were not available, we weren’t at a loss for things to do while at the farm.  Our scheduled activities included a spa package (the Well House was brand new when we visited and it was a beautiful facility), horseback riding, clay shooting and we added geocaching when we arrived.  While we thoroughly enjoyed all of the activities (guides are extremely knowledgeable and friendly), we also enjoyed passing our time wandering around the grounds on our own and frequently found ourselves visiting the newborn litter of lagotto romagnolos (truffle dogs).  We spent the time between meals working up an appetite for the next meal, because let’s face it — we vacation to eat.


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